We’re excited to provide the most up-to-date exams possible!

At Hubbard Vision Care we know that having the clearest vision possible is most important to everyone. We maintain that focus in every comprehensive eye health exam, while taking care of all the essential medical details that our patients might not even notice or think to question. We have also invested in several pieces of equipment that allow us to monitor your eye health in exciting new ways. Our retinal camera has a 12 mega pixel resolution. This allows the doctor to examine your retina more closely than ever before. We are also using the latest visual fields instrument available, the Octopus 300. This is so helpful as we monitor the loss of vision that patients may experience as the result of aging, diabetes, glaucoma, macular degeneration, brain tumors or other systemic health disorders. It also allows the doctor to have a baseline of your retinal health.

We Are Now Providers of the InfantSee Program

What is InfantSEE? InfantSEE is a program in which children receive a free eye health exam in the first year of their life. This is a wonderful opportunity to begin your baby’s vision well care. So many vision disorders can be detected before the first birthday. Early detection makes for easier and more cost effective care long term.

For more information please see the InfantSEE program page on our website.